Pyongyang SC Kits DLS FTS and Logo New

Pyongyang SC Kits DLS FTS and Logo 2022 – Pyongyang Sports Club   is a North Korean organization of education specialty with several departments. This organization is based in Pyongyang and plays at the Kim Il-sung Stadium. As the sports club of the Workers’ Party of Korea and Government of Pyongyang, Pyongyang SC is the largest sports club not affiliated with a state ministry.

Football is the most popular department in this organization. The men are presently playing in the DPR Korea Premier Football League, the highest football league in North Korea. The club’s nickname is Chollima. Although in the rest of the world Chollima is used to refer to the North Korean national team, references to Chollima or “the Chollima football team” in North Korean sports reporting usually refers to Pyongyang’s football team


Pyongyang Sports Club

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Pyongyang Sports Club Away GK  

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